Group Classes

For corporate and private groups
Classes are available to all types of groups and levels of experience.


(see descriptions below)

For example:

  • A group of friends who have never done yoga can schedule private beginners classes

  • A corporate or campus team activity

  • Neighborhood association social activity

  • Health Fair

Contact us for pricing ~ Package rates available ~ Props can be provided


Strength, stretch and stability for the entire body are woven into a sequence of postures that will support your ability to move with ease for a lifetime, prevent injury and improve performance while doing your favorite activities. Added bonus is stress release! 


The flow of the class can take on the aspect of a moving meditation, bridging the gap between mind and body, and increasing your body awareness. Variations are offered for all body types and levels of fitness and flexibility.


These styles are combined into a class that is more passive than vinyasa flow and peel away the layers of stress stored within the body. The yoga poses are supported with props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks and are mostly done on the floor. This style of yoga challenges our lifestyle  of go-go-go as the poses are held for several minutes. This is a "must experience to understand" type of class, and once you do, you will want more.